Trump especially spoke with casino owners to collaborate

According to a finance professor at Boston College, Rev. Richard McGowan, Biden is more likely to propose closing the casino again if the situation warrants it, even though it will financially cripple the onshore gambling industry.

If Trump stays, he is likely not going to advocate another lockdown. He had many friends among the casino operators, and that would undoubtedly ruin his relationship with them.

Trump Is Involved in the Industry Former US president, Donald Trump, himself is part of the gambling industry. He made many friends there, and it can be said that his actions at the White House were primarily aimed at supporting his business partners visiting poker88.

One person comes to mind when thinking about Trump and his history with gambling – Sheldon Adelson. The land casino tycoon has been one of the leading donors to the GOP.

Also, Adelson has always been against online gambling and invests heavily in organizations that combat this type of entertainment. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Trump administration wants to assist Adelson in its efforts by reinterpreting the Wire Act.

Simply put, it will allow the land-based industry to develop further, with no real competition in sight.

On the other hand, Joe Biden has never been quite involved in the industry, although he has never been against it either.